We believe that a team approach supports success and we see your child and your family as the most important part of that team. We focus on your goals while keeping mind the everyday, functional skills children need to attend, play, maintain friendships and live life. We believe that by truely partnering with families,  we can provide children with the confidence and tools to do their best and connect positively with their world. We look forward to the time when your child no longer needs us.

Your child’s OT journey with us will likely be a combination of different modes of service delivery that are tailored to suit your child’s specific needs. We call these ‘blocks’ of OT and maybe a combination of one-to-one intervention, small groups or peer pairs, community or home visits, parent coaching and/or termly checkins.

Our core values centre around Relationships, Partnership and Purpose.


  • Are committed to empowering your child and their team to be the agents for change.
  • Change the game to find innovative and meaningful solutions that spark a difference.
  • Are driven to serve the community with passion and integrity.
  • Show kindness and understanding in everything we do.
  • Believe that trust, continuous learning and personal growth builds an adaptable team that thrives on innovation and creativity.

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