Our Goals

To Build Relationships

OT FOR KIDS prioritises positive interactions through play. We respect the power of relationships to build interaction, communication, positive behaviours and problem solving. A fun, joyful and respectful relationship with children is central in helping us to work together on the things that are challenging.

At OT FOR KIDS, relationships are built through play and an integrated DIR Floortime approach. We also offer Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking Curriculum to enhance children’s ability to adapt and build friendships. OT FOR KIDS also offers a range of small group programs that are tailored to meet the individual social and regulation goals that parents are wanting to foster in their child.

Woman looking at delighted boy through cloth tunnel

To Foster Thriving Partnerships

OT FOR KIDS actively builds positive and equal partnerships with parents/caregivers, teachers and other professionals (such as caseworkers, psychologists, speech pathologists, local GPs and paediatricians) to seek common goals and work towards them.

Parents are encouraged to participate actively in every session. This regular involvement provides parents/caregivers the tools, knowledge and ability to practise with their children at home and in their communities. We initiate and foster communication to set and work towards real life outcomes through parent coaching.

OT FOR KIDS also has a great deal of experience partnering with teachers in schools and preschools to promote and generalise children’s abilities within this environment . We can work with whole classrooms and provide valuable professional development at the same time to teachers that we work alongside by:

  • Building postural control and thinking about flexible seating opportunities within the classroom,
  • Developing gross motor programs that promote core strength and upper body strength so that children have the endurance to engage and concentrate on learning,
  • Incorporating fine motor activities into numeracy or literacy, and
  • Promoting the fine motor coordination skills children need to achieve fluent and efficient handwriting.

To Support Your Child in Everyday Learning and Play (Purpose)

In OT FOR KIDS toolbox, we have a range of sensory, developmental, behavioural, cognitive and sensorimotor strategies to enhance children’s ability to learn, build adaptability and participate. These are individually tailored to work on the areas that are most important to you and your child so that they can participate meaningfully and confidentially everyday.