When can OT for Kids help?

OT FOR KIDS provides fun, strengths orientated and outcome focussed occupational therapy services so that your child can do the best they can in everything they do. Our aim is to build capacity and adaptability in children and families together, which means working ourselves out of a job!

We can support children in the areas of:

  • self regulation and sensory processing challenges,
  • attention and impulsivity,
  • playing and learning with others,
  • getting along with friends and building social capacity,
  • gross motor skills including balance, coordination and ball skills,
  • postural control and core strength,
  • fine motor skills, including using hands and fingers in a coordinated way,
  • classroom skills including handwriting,
  • gaining independence and learning to look after themselves,
  • toileting,
  • completing homework, time management and getting organised, and
  • visual perceptual challenges.