Parent Coaching

At OT FOR KIDS, our therapists have a number of evidence-based tools in our tool box to empower families to support their children’s development within the context of everyday routines and activities. Parent coaching is a collaborative, solution focused, results oriented and systematic process that underpins all of OT FOR KIDS work with children and their families.

Your child’s OT will partner with you to:

  • jointly plan and problem solve around what is important for your child in the context of your family,
  • capitalise and combine your strengths, knowledge of your child and your home situation with the OT’s expertise, 
  • observe and explore different strategies together that may work for your child, and 
  • build your confidence and work flexibly through action and practice so that you can provide strength based solutions regularly during the day.

Parent coaching happens with and without the child present. Common problems we can solve together include:

  • toileting or self care,
  • understanding why meltdowns happen,
  • discussing sensory or cognitive based strategies together, or
  • exploring options to build social capacity within your community.

This is a dynamic process and your child’s OT will walk with you as you build your confidence in managing some of the more tricky moments.