Whole School Partnership

To ensure a long term, sustainable model OT for Kids works with teachers and whole classes to promote the basic motor skills children need to be learners and writers. We screen and track children’s progress, and work alongside teachers to find good classroom solutions. This helps teachers develop important new skills, along with a framework to consider children’s sensorimotor needs and their relationship with learning and attention.

OT Fingergym

Targeting  kindergarten, this is a whole classroom approach that focuses on building upper body strength and postural stability, hand and finger strength, kinaesthetic awareness, fine motor coordination, pencil control and scissor skills. Focus is also on developing children’s visual-motor skills to understand shape and form and how letters go together.

OT Cool Fingers

An extension program that targets Year 1 and the skills they need to be competent writers and learners. This program focusses on building postural stability, fine  motor endurance and coordination as well as pencil control and speed.